I know that is a very long title, but that’s an interesting topic for me, because someone asked me that, he wanted me to take a picture of books at home with phone, no DSLR, no point and shoot, just phone. So here we go, there are a few things that you need.

  • Smartphone (In this case I’m using Xiaomi Redmi 8, not sponsored by Xiaomi, but I wish I got sponsored)
  • Books (Obviously)
  • White fabric
  • Cup of tea/coffee (I prefer coffee)
  • Glasses
  • Pen
  • Laptop
  • Sofa/chair
  • Table

Other things that not bolded they’re just to give a little aesthetic taste to the picture. Okay, let’s jump to picture style number 1

©2020 Rudy P Agnel.
©2020 Rudy P Agnel.

How did I do that? To take a pictures of book like the 2 examples above, you need a chair/sofa covered with white fabric, face the sofa into direct sunlight, in this case I face the sofa to the open door, then put a glasses and a mug to give it a little taste of aesthetic. Here’s the behind the scene photos.

To take a picture like the second example, just open one of the book, put your glasses on it and move your phone closer to the book.

Now for the style 2, check these pictures out

©2020 Rudy P Agnel.
©2020 Rudy P Agnel.
©2020 Rudy P Agnel.

To take a picture like style 2 above, you need a desk/table covered with white fabric, make sure it has no wrinkles on it, you can iron the fabric first before covering the table. You also need a direct sunlight for this one, in this case the direct sunlight comes from a window in my bedroom. Then you can use other objects like laptop, mug, pen, etc to give the aesthetic taste to the picture. Here are the behind the scene photos.

You can rearrange all the objects on the table to give a good composition, it depends on your taste, mine? I like a minimalist setup and style. After that it just a matter of editing or you can use presets/filters to edit your photos.

So there you go, I give you 2 ideas on how to take a good pictures of your books at home using only your phone. You can start taking your own pictures of books then mention & tag me on instagram @rudypagnel. You can find a good references on instagram by search using #bookstagram hashtag, there you’ll find million ideas for your books pictures.

Keep it in mind that you need an extra effort to make a good result, so don’t be lazy.

Thank you for reading this. Now go take some pictures.


  1. This is cool!
    Thanks for this! These are so simple, but I couldn’t get these ideas as well!
    Helps me a lot!


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