Never Thought of That

So yesterday as usual in the end, well not the end but almost, I always write down every good things that ever happened in my life through a year. Any kind of good things, I got free coffee from a friend, I can buy my sister a laptop and smartphone, anytihng even a little bit like the cafe plays my favourite song from my favorite band, I always write it down. It’s already become my routine since 2017, and I love it. I called it my gratitude list.

Writing a good things that ever happened to me makes me feel like I did a good job as a human being, like I feel that I don’t waste my time, just felt good man.

After write my last list of gratitude in this 2020, I wrote it on my phone note, I took a picture of my phone and post it on Instagram with no hashtag, so for me posting something on instagram with no hashtag makes my post can only ready by my friend that has highly interaction with me. No need to attract strangers to see my post, beside I started get annoyed to use a hashtag on my post.

Later this night a friend from work, Ola write an amazing article about gratitude on his medium post. And he said he’s inspired by me to write that story. HE’S INSPIRED BY ME! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I’M JUST NOBODY! NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE THAT I THOUGHT I COULD INSPIRE SOMEONE IN SOME WAY. THIS IS ANOTHER GOOD THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME. I’m put this in my gratitude list. Ola, if you reading this, thank you so much my man! I’m putting you in my gratitude list of 2020. Thank you! God bless you. Honestly, I don’t know how to respond, I’m speechless. You’re the best!

Man, I guess good vibe is contagious. Love it. Peace!

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