Capturing Machine56 Techwear Lookbook

For those of you who are not familiar with Machine56, he is a designer from Indonesia known for his futuristic/mecha style and his bonehead characters. For the last couple of years, maybe almost a decade Machine56 already become a fashion brand with a focus on techwear style.

So 2 years ago I’m lucky enough to help him as photographer to shoot his new releases. This is very new for me to shoot a photo indoor for a fashion brand and I nailed it. We rent a studio in Bandung called valuce studio.

Valuce Studio, Bandung, Indonesia
Satrio, he is the model for almost every Machine56 apparel

I’m using my gears which is Canon 200D and borrowed a Figma 35mm F1.8 lens. It was a fun experience for me, never thought that I had an opportunity to work with Machine56. To be honest he is my idol, he is the guy I looked up to when it comes to design since 2006 and I’ve got to know him for 5 years now.

Here’s some of the photos that I took for his lookbook.

If you love techwear you can visit Machine56’s website to buy one and if you like my photograph you can contact me and I will help you as a photographer for your next lookbook.

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