Part of The History

So here’s the thing, hope you’ll read it until finish. At first I have no idea what a NFT means and what is crypto, I’ve heard about it, but never understand. Lo and behold I did a research and by research I mean watching a couple videos on YouTube and finally got an idea of what a NFT is.

For me as an artis and sometimes a creator I like people to collect my art or creation. Couple of years later the only way I can share my art and earn some bucks is by the old monetization way on the internet. But this NFT things give a new perspective for me to what I can do with my art.

Rarible is the one that I found online and easy to use. So here I present to you my first NFT art is up for sale on my Rarible page.

Some people say it was a bubble or something like that, but for me this NFT give me new understanding, new experience, and nex perspective. Also being an early adopters is kind of my thing, so that I can be part of history.

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