Good Composition

Photo by Josh Sorenson on

James Hetfield from Metallica, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn from Linkin Park, Arian 13 and Eddie Khemod from Seringai, Sir Dandy from Teenage Death Star, Vincent and Desta from Club 80s/The Cash, David Bayu and the rest of Naif band, Henry Foundation and Oomleo from Good Night Electric. What do you think they have in common?

Yup they all are musicians AND they all are artist, like literally artist that make artwork, James Hetfield used to work at skateboard store designing sticker and he’s the one who designed the iconic Metallica logo. Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn they both graduate from Art Center College of Design of Pasadena, Mike and Joe they both designing an early Linkin Park’s album and Joe often directed the Linkin Park’s music videos. Arian 13 and Eddie Khemod are band member of Indonesian band called Seringai, they both graduated from FSRD (Faculty of Arts and Design) ITB. Like Mike and Joe Arian always designing Seringai’s album cover, and Eddie Khemod directed their music videos. Same like the rest of the list above. They all studied fine arts and design while they are in college.

It makes me thinking, there’s one thing that music and art have in common, composition. You have to make a good composition when you make an artwork or designing something, and you have to make a good composition too while making music.

So, good composition.

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