The Making of Thirty Two Video

In my previous post, I posted a video about I’m turning 32 this year. The idea is I never created any art related for me, for myself except a photography, so this year I made something fun but also challenging for myself.

Fun because I don’t have to think about the concept, story, and anything else. I just want to express myself in the free way possible.

Challenging because the way I expressed myself is by manually designed and drawn 30 illustrations of myself for a couple for seconds in the video.

30 illustrations of myself

I’m using procreate to draw an illustrations of doodle photo for some of them. Here’s the timelaps video of the process.

Timelapse procreate
Timelapse procreate

20 pictures are made using procreate and the other 10 are designed in Adobe Illustrator, unfortunately I didn’t record the process but here’s the screenshot.

Using memphis design style and a little bit of popart

Also for the scene where number “32” appears in different style I just download a bunch of vector stock from freepik, I’m running out of time because I have to post it on my birthday.


So yeah, I’m 32 this year and has been a hell out of a journey for me so far. Trying to be productive everytime even on my birthday. At least I didn’t waste my time only for scrolling on social media. I have to make something.

Also on my birthday I feel blessed and can’t thankful enough to my family, friends, and every people that have been envolve in my life.

Let’s see what I can do on my 33rd birthday. Cause that’s a good number.

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