Case Study: MyLS Brand Identity

A couple of weeks ago I got a new project about brand identity, the different from this project is the client already have the logo designed by their web designer, they just need me to design the business card, letterhead, envelope, social media banner, flyer template, etc.

So they sent me their logo.

This is where the challenge begin, usually when I design the brand identity I always designing in a full package (Logo, guide, graphic elements, etc) but this I have to figured out what is the best way to design the rest of design elements based on this logo.

So first thing first, I would reconstruct the logo a little bit so I can have a better construction for the logo, and if you don’t understand, this is what I mean:

Basically I made the logo a little bit tidy and clean, with that now we can have a guideline for the logo like this:

Now the logo is done, I still have to figured it out what kind of graphic elements that can match the logo. So the logo itself has it’s own uniqueness, by default our eyes are automatically looking to the box part where’s the letters L & S are, and I think why not playing with this box shape, and the interesting part of the box is its rounded corner, so I try to play with that like this.

Because of the logo contains the colors blue and yellow so I make the graident color using the shade of blue and shade of yellow, and it turns out great. Here’s the result

When you put the logo on top of it, it become like this.

And I said “Wow this is pretty neat!”. So I decided to go using this graphic elements for the rest of the designs.

With this kind of challenge that I never had before I quite happy with the result and so does the client. Never thought that I can took a little part of their logo and use it as a graphic elements for their brand identity.

If you want to create a new brand identity or have a challenge for me, just contact me.

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