Right Now

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

Right now somebody rushing to her office trying not to be late for her weekly meeting. Right now somebody start his job as online driver and hoping can make some more money as a bonus in this Ramadan holiday for his wife. Right now somebody take a break after collecting garbage from every trash can she can find, sitting on the side of the road while carrying her 2 years old son that sleep peacefully.

Right now somebody got half of his holiday bonus because his company still can’t make a profit after pandemic. Right now somebody only eat 1 egg a day with that his 3 years old daughter can eat enough while still trying to get a job after got fired last year. Right now somebody must work twice harder so he can still give money to his mom and have a saving for his own future.

Right now, I’m writing this and believe in this world everything can change just like that, just like what Mike Shinoda said in his song Right Now by Fort Minor, which I’m listening to it right now.

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