So it’s almost the end of the year 2021 and I believe a lot of things happen through your business, through your journey, the up and down, the roller coaster, etc. Now you need to share and present your progress to your partner and your board member. You will have an important meeting. What is the best way to share it?

That’s right, the annual report is one of them. An annual report will tell what your company has done to achieve this growth, what its strategy was and whether this performance will sustain for long or not. Sometimes you will give the annual report to your board member, or any important people in your company, even to your customer, user, or partner.

With that you don’t want your annual report to look cheap, unprofessional, or hard to read, right? Because you are going to show it to the important person. So I’m here to help you to solve that problem.

I will tell you what makes a good annual report design. I’m gonna break it down into 3 parts.

  • Design Guideline

Design guidelines are important and if you are a big company you should have one, let me rephrase that, you must have one. Because it’s part of your brand identity and you want your annual report to still have the same identity as your company, so when people see your annual report they know that this is your company’s annual report, not others. Design guidelines mostly play part as a guide (obviously) to make your design consistent.

You can see the consistency in that report through the pages, it using a consistent color scheme, a consistent spaces, a consistent font size, etc.

  • Visualization

Visualization is how you tell some content from your annual report using visuals to make people easy to read. Most of the time the visualization of the data, it can be an infographics, an illustration, iconography, etc. Make the visualization very easy to read and can attach attention, don’t need to be complex.


You can use a unique visualization to show the data for your report.

  • Cover Design

Unlike the regular books that you see in the bookstore, cover design for annual report don’t need to be that artsy or edgy because you will share your annual report on your website, it is unlikely that your annual report will placed next to other annual report from other company, so no need to make a cover design that is too artsy but don’t make it boring either. For me the most important for annual report cover design is to catch the main idea of the content and can attract people. 

Cover design also can become the first line of the design guideline, because you can see or guess the look of the interior of the reports.

So, for me, the 3 most important parts of how your annual report can look good and professional, at least you can share it with confidence to those important people.

If you want to see my recent annual report, or other report design you can check my portfolio here, and if you want to a free quotation about annual report design, you can say hi to me at rudypagnel@gmail.com

I’m more than happy to help you design your annual report.


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