Pixel Art in Figma

I had a free time last Friday and decided to learn more about Figma. I rarely use Figma for my works, mostly I use Adobe Family and other graphic design software, and I often use Canva recently. But Figma, I barely touch it, because for me Figma is good when you work in UI/UX. In our office, UI/UX people often use Figma, and I will use it when they have so much on their plates and help them out to design some UI/UX projects.

So, back to the last Friday when I learn more about Figma, I discover a feature called “grid”, yes that grid where you can design a neat evenly spaced layout, but there’s also a square grid. This is where my curiosity begins, you can change the size of the individual square for this grid, and for my case, I change it into 10px X 10px, then I start placing 10px X 10px rectangle shape in each grid one by one until I made something like this

pixel art in Figma by Rudy P. Agnel
Pixel art in Figma by Rudy P Agnel

Yes, I started making pixel art on Figma by placing those individual rectangles based on the grid one by one, well actually, I don’t have that much patience to put it one by one, I also use a pen tool to fill out some spaces like this

Pixel art in Figma by Rudy P Agnel.
Pixel art in Figma by Rudy P Agnel

See, not everything is made out of individual 10px X 10px rectangle shapes, some are made out of a complete pen tool, but still, it has thousands of rectangles in the canvas itself and took me 5 hours to finish. Quite happy with the results and maybe I’m gonna make another one using smaller pixels.

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