Smartphone Not So Smart People

I always think the person who hates actors just because they play an antagonist character is stupid, regardless of their ages, status, etc. It’s just stupid when you can’t tell the difference between acting and real life.

Decades ago when we don’t have the internet, when TV is our popular source of entertainment and news, and when soap opera is as popular as Netflix in Indonesia. People who hate antagonist actor is mostly housewife because they spend most of their time doing housework and watching TV.

Some actors also confess that they had uncomfortable experience when they meet their viewer in public, where the viewer (in this case a housewife) will mad at them and yell at them, sometimes scratch them because that viewer hates when the actor plays antagonist.

That was a decades ago where we only have a limited source of information. Now in 2022, where most of the people can have access to information and entertainment from the palm of their hand in a second. I still can’t believe there are still people who hates actor who playss antagonist. What surprise me the most is now these people are teenagers, what the fuck?

In Indonesia we have this series called “Layangan Putus”, I didn’t watch the series, but what I heard there are a male character named Aris who cheated on his wife, and people hates Aris, these teenagers getting mad at him by uploading a video on tiktok showing their angers by yelling and cursing while watching Layangan Putus series.

I can understand if people who angry at Aris is the same housewife decades ago, because they are now old, and probably don’t know how to use internet, so I get it. But a teenagers?

This is a smartphone era, why aren’t you use that “smart”phone to make you smart by giving yourself an information or knowledge? Why can’t you tell the difference? They are actors doing acting by becoming antagonist character, that’s not how they are in real life.

Man, future is unpredictable. It can give you a surprising satisfaction or it can give you a surprising dissappointment. Who would ever thought where we give people a smart device, most of them won’t become smart and become the opposite instead.

Actually, I don’t know how to end this post, I just mad, sorry if I make you mad too. I will write something positive next time. But hey! The world is not about all positive, there always be a negative, that what makes the world balance.

When there are people who can’t use their “smart”phone, there are other people who can be smart with their smartphone, and that smart people doesn’t care about that. Dammit! I shouldn’t care about that.

Ok, bye! Later, gator.

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