Rupa Design Works

Mitch Goldstein once said in one of his presentations

SHOW THE KIND OF WORK YOU WANT TO DO MORE OF. If you don’t care about it, and don’t want to do it, don’t show it.

Mitch Goldstein

That quote really sparks in my mind and encourage me to share what kind of work I want to do more.

As you know, I was a hybrid designer, I can do branding design, 2d illustration, animation, editorial design, UI/UX, etc because I’m a self-taught designer. For years I don’t know what work I want to share in my portfolio because sometimes I want to show my branding design because not gonna lie, the money from branding design is pretty good, but at the same time, I wanted to show my other works.

But then I realized I really enjoy doing 2d illustrations especially drawing a cartoon or designing assets for 2d games, and I have a brave to share it after I read his quote.

So without further due, here I present to you my new portfolio called RUPA DESIGN WORKS (Eleven years’ worth of works by Rudy P Agnel).


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