A Quick Update

Hi, hello it’s been a very long time since I write on this blog. Trying to be disciplined and consistent is really hard because there are so many things that need to be done.

One of the reasons is I’m cooking something, I create something that might help you with your design problem and if you own a company you can use it for any of your design tasks. So I will announce it here when it’s ready. It’s 75% done just need to sort some things out.

The other reason is, for like a week ago I stumbled upon my old PC hard drive (I’m using a laptop now) and found some of my old character design works, I was lost for a little bit knowing there are so many characters that I’ve been designed from the last decade, and I was thinking, too bad that these designs only stay in this hard drive. With that, I’m gonna show it to people and sell it.

So I’m creating my own online stores. It is a print-on-demand store where I only need to upload my design to the website and once you buy my design as a t-shirt, mug, stickers, etc the website will take care of the rest and I get the royalties from that.

There are some old designs that I put straight into the stores and some are renewed designs, meaning I re-designing those characters.

Now, where can you grab all of my designs? Good question. You can visit and choose your favorite here:

So not only you will get a product with great design, but you also help a brother out from this hard time.

That’s the quick update and as I said before I will let you know when my cooking is ready. In the meantime, you can browse your favorite design in my stores.


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