Made It To The Teepublic Homepage

I start creating my print-on-demand store on Teepublic about a month ago, and I already have 30+ designs there. My design is mostly about character design, it can be absurd, unique, funny, or cute (kawaii). I just love drawing simple and fun characters.

So in an attempt to learn more about this print-on-demand stuff, and increase my sales, I decided to join the Teepublic Facebook Group, I’m very lucky to join this group because the group was created by the people of Teepublic itself and have some “senior” artists that already active in this group. That’s why I join them.

Because I’m very active in the group, discussing and sharing a lot of things, including my newest design. I got the opportunity for my design to be featured on their homepage, yes that means when you go to you will find my design in the editor’s pick category.

My design will stay there for a week, you heard it, for a week my design will be seen by many people. I couldn’t be happier and more grateful.

For those who want to get a Christmas gift, you can grab my design as a t-shirt in my TeePublic store. You can buy this Christmas Cat T-shirt or any other design from my store.

Man, this is a great way to end this 2022 year. What an experience I’ve had. Hopefully, next year I will have 100+ designs. So stay tuned to follow me on social media.

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