January Wallpapers Part 02

Hi, it’s me again. Yes, I have not posted anything other than my wallpaper pack for January, and yes this post is the sequel to the previous one. Because a new year means I need to organize some of the work that I left during my holiday a couple of days ago.

I have some thoughts that I will post in this blog, but that’s the story for another day. Now since I’ve spent most of my time hunting photos, then I will share to you some of them as a wallpaper.

Here we go.






For this pack I went with minimalist photography, the way I did it is by going outside in the morning around 8.00 am – 9.00 am Indonesia time. At that hour the sun is already up but the light is not too harsh, and the sky is still clear blue and with no clouds around it. That’s how I captured those minimalist photos.

Hope you enjoy it, for my next wallpaper pack I will go with illustration and will available for desktop and tablet as well.


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