Pizza T-Shirt Design

So I’ve been doodling around lately trying to find ideas for my new t-shirt design. Suddenly come up with the idea to explore more about pizza. Here are the 3 ideas that made it into a final design.

1. Alien Pizza

When sketching about aliens, I remember in most of the designs or people who draw cartoon aliens, when the aliens want to abduct someone or something, they always kinda took it from their spaceship and beamed a light from that, and that light makes a triangle shape. So I was thinking since it was a triangle, why not convert it into a pizza?

2. Wizard Pizza

The second one is pretty simple and straight forward, just make a slice a pizza as a wizard, make it humanoid and give it a magic wand.

3. Skater Pizza

The last one is also simple, make a slice of pizza and turn it into a human and ride a skateboard, but instead of regular skateboard, how about a human skateboard.

That’s the ideas, as you can see I have a bunch of sketches that have not make it into final design, I save it for later.

Now, the next step is I adjust those sketches, make it cleaner.

Then I finalize the designs in vector format and upload them into a print on demand websites.

Finally I can make a 3 designs on my weekend. Now if you are interested and eager to have one of these t-shirt, you can grab it from my print-on-demand websites below.

Thanks! Sayonara! Follow me on Instagram

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