Good Taste Is a Skill

When talking about taste, there are 2 people that crossed my mind immediately. As from this blog post, Steve Jobs and Rick Rubin. In 1995, Steve Jobs was interviewed for a PBS documentary called Triumph of the Nerds. He said:

“The only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste. They have absolutely no taste. And I don’t mean that in a small way, I mean that in a big way, in the sense that they don’t think of original ideas, and they don’t bring much culture into their products.”

Then Rick Rubin in one of his interviews, said:

“I think I’ve spent a lot of time developing my taste, but it’s my taste. It’s not the right taste. It’s my taste. I wouldn’t say if we both looked at something and you said you liked it and I said I didn’t like it, I would never say ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’. Everyone has their own taste. It really is in the eye of their beholder.”

More about Steve Jobs, Rick Rubin, and Taste on Trung Phan blog post here.

Good taste really is a skill, Seth Godin said so.

How would you like to develop your taste?

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