I’m Good

I did not renew my premium feature on WordPress this year. My blog URL changed back from rudypagnel.com to rudypagnel.wodpress.com, my storage shrunk from 13 GB to just 1 GB, and I can’t use any premium themes for my blog.

Money of course is one of the reasons because I would instead use that money for something important, something better. The second one is that I don’t get enough benefits for using all of these premium features, yet.

The only benefit I got is the proud feeling of having your name as a domain, rudypagnel.com. For me, it looks professional. But I don’t need it. Not every person needs a domain using their name. Some designers only need Behance or Dribbble to show their work, some writers only need to write on Medium or Linkedin.

When we want to find someone online, we always google their name or find their social media account. That’s the first thing we do. You’ll go to TikTok or Instagram to find Khaby Lame or Zach King. You’ll go to YouTube to find Mr. Beast, MKBHD, or Casey Neistat.

Typing someone’s name with dot com at the end is not the first thing that comes to our mind when we want to find someone online. Unless you already using your domain for a very long time like Seth Godin, or you are a designer that needs to look professional to show your work.

I don’t need that now. Having a social media account to create content, share the progress of my artwork, and have this blog to share my thoughts is enough for me.

Hopefully, you guys still enjoy reading my blog. Maybe later when the situation got better I’ll be back using the premium feature from this WordPress, but now, I’m good.

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