Over And Over Again

I like reading a book, non-fiction books to be specific. Self-development, business, marketing, books about the brain, books about human behavior, history, all those kind of books. I like it not because I want to be smart, but because I like to have new information.

I just figured it out, when we are learning something, we will not get smart, instead, it will give us new information. When we learn about the Pythagorean theorem, we get new information on how to solve the Pythagorean problem. We will get a formula about a2 + b2 = c2. When learning how to draw, we’ll get new information on how to make a good composition, how to pick good color combinations, and how to draw better human anatomy. When learning to play guitar we’ll get new information on how to place our fingers to play C key, G key, F key, etc.

Now, to become a smart, genius, master, or whatever, all we need to do is practice. Practicing solving math problems so many times, practicing making good compositions and color combinations on so many canvases or paper. Practicing playing guitar keys and making a good melody.

I think that’s when we become smart.

I just read about neurons in our brains and noticed when we learn something, the neurons in our brain start making a connection with each other, the first connection is when we get new information, but that connection is still weak, practice will make the connection between our neurons stronger. 

Same thing with reading a book. After finishing reading a book there’s a chance that I will forget or don’t understand some of the parts. That’s the time that I have to read that book again, then I forget again, and I read again until I understand and I can apply what’s in the book with ease.

Because I don’t read a book once, I read it over and over again.

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