Rudy P. Agnel

Hi, I’m Rudy P Agnel. A 2D Game Artist & Character Designer who dropped out of college, survived, and hustled!

I dropped out of college in 2007 and have my own way to learn about design, management, communication, and leadership through my 12 years of experience working in various creative industries.

Currently, I’m working as Head of Design at Solve Education!

Leading the creative team, managing, breaking down the problem, and executing a creative solution for various tasks. Help them to grow their brand and develop their educational game app.

After 12 years I’ve worked in a Design Agency, Comic Book Studio, and Animation Studio.

I learned so many different things, from design technique, illustration, production, and many more. All those experiences, meeting new people as team members, new clients, and some mentors have brought me to lead the creative team today.

2D Stuff.

My expertise is in 2D stuff, it can be illustration, character design especially cartoon style, objects for game assets, etc. I love designing assets or characters for 2D games, so if you are looking for someone that can help you with 2D game assets, 2D NFT, or even metaverse, I think I can help you with that.



Graduated from vocational school as a software development major, but at that time I already worked as a freelance graphic designer and created my own game using Macromedia Flash at the age of 17. In the same year, I also got accepted into one of the colleges in Bandung, Indonesia and dropped out 4 months later due to financial problems. Continue my life as a freelance graphic designer.


While working as a freelance graphic designer, I got a chance to learn animation at Quantum College for 2 years, and my major was in 2D animation. I also joined the comic book artist community in my town and got experience and understanding in the publishing industry. I also published my 2 comic books in 2010.

Mar 2011 – Jul 2011

This is my first time working as a full-time illustrator in a design agency called Zeusbox studio. I create assets for 2D games and then animate them. This year I also graduated from my animation course at Quantum College.

2012 – 2014

I worked as a 2D animator at Kumata Studio Bandung. I started as a 2D animator/inbetweener in my first 6 months and then became a senior 2D animator. I focused on creating key animation for characters in the scene that we are working on. I learn a lot about drawing anatomy with the right proportions here.

2016 – 2017

Working as senior illustrator and animator. My work is almost the same as when I worked at Zeusbox studio back in 2011. Helping our clients with their online games by creating assets and animating them. I also worked on some mascot design, motion graphics, and branding design projects. I learn a lot about managing my timeline for the efficiency and effectiveness of my workflow.

2018 – Present

Now I’m working as a Head of Design to lead the creative team at Solve Education!. We are an NGO focused to help unmotivated youth to learn english in a fun way. We created a game education app and also a chatbot app to help youth learn english by playing several minigames. I focused on managing, breaking down the problem, executing a creative solution for various tasks. Help them to grow their brand and develop their educational products.

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