Hello There!

Rudy P Agnel. Content Creator and Creative Director

I’m Rudy P Agnel. A Content Creator and Not Your Usual Creative Director.

I dropped out of college in 2007 and have my own way to learn about design, management, communication, and leadership through my 12 years of experience working in various creative industries.

Currently I’m working as Head of Design at Solve Education!. Leading the creative team, managing, breaking down the problem, executing a creative solution for various tasks. Help them to grow their brand and develop their educational game app.

After 12 years I’ve worked in a Design Agency, Comic Studio, and Animation Studio. I learned so many different things, from design technique, illustration, production, and many more. All those experiences, meeting new people as team members, new clients, and some mentors have brought me to lead the creative team today.

Editorial Design and Brand Identity. Those are my expertise areas where I help my clients with creative solutions for their businesses.

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